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"steward has...(a) technical style, focused on the facts as he sees them and the explicit details of agreements, a style that often provokes conflicts with those who have less detail-oriented styles." - Evelyn Wright

Ah, the dreaded Personal Information Page... or in this case Personal Information subsite!

Well, a lot of things are in those links on the left. As for the rest:

Here are some web applets/widgets I find particularly useful.

I read a lot.  Here's a list of the magazines that I read (some in a more timely manner than others.) 

Books I particularly recommend (in alphabetical order by title) include:

Recommended books graphic

Books I've recently read include:

  • Dominance, by Niall Teasdale
  • Graduation Day, by Christopher Nuttall
  • The Siren and the Sword, by Cecilia Tan
  • The Tower and the Tears, by Cecilia Tan
  • The Incubus and the Angel, by Cecilia Tan
  • The Poet and the Prophecy, by Cecilia Tan
  • Christmas Magic, by Cecilia Tan
  • Masques of Darkover, by Deborah J. Ross
  • The Vanity Case, by Niall Teasdale
  • Alassa's Tale, by Christopher Nuttall
  • Killing the Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan, by Martin Dugard, Bill O'Reilly
  • The New Church Ladies: The Extremely Uptight World of 'Social Justice', by Jim Goad
  • The Secrets of Doctor Taverner, by Dion Fortune

Books I'm currently reading include:

  • Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight, by John W. Foreman
  • For Magnus Chase: Hotel Valhalla Guide to the Norse Worlds: Your Introduction to Deities, Mythical Beings, & Fantastic Creatures, by Rick Riordan
  • In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness, by Peter A. Levine
  • iPagan, by Trevor Greenfield
  • Life Never Ends Well: A Cavalcade of Murders, Suicides, Accidental Deaths, & Tragic Endings, by Jim Goad
  • Lilith: Gooddess of Sitra Ahra, by Daemon Barzai
  • Magic Stars, by Ilona Andrews
  • Neuesachlichkeit, by Anonymous
  • Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It, by Chriss Voss; Tahl Raz
  • No Time Like The Past, by Greg Cox
  • Odd and the Frost Giants, by Neil Gaiman
  • Otherworld Chills, by Kelley Armstrong
  • Pathways, by Mercedes Lackey
  • Prudence, by Gail Carriger
  • River Marked, by Patricia Briggs
  • Spellbinding: Tales from the Magic University, by Cecilia Tan
  • Sweep in Peace, by Ilona Andrews
  • The Hidden Oracle, by Rick Riordan
  • The Notes: Ronald Reagan's Private Collection of Stories and Wisdom, by Ronald Reagan
  • The Queen Mother, by William Shawcross
  • Walking With The Gods: Modern People Talk About Deities, Faith, and Recreating Ancient Traditions, by W. D. Wilkerson
  • Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future, by Jonah Sachs

Authors I particularly recommend include:

My favorite musical pieces / songs include:

The Q-Link Contact and Memories site, which I am webspinner of, was featured in an article in USA Today. (On Q-Link, I was known as JohnD39, and I still use that ID in some places on the web such as Yahoo!Groups.)

Click here for an explanation of the name "steward" itself.

Click here for my virtual certificate wall of degrees, certifications, and so forth.

When the whim takes me, I write poetry and short pieces of prose, available here.

My thesis for my Masters of Arts degree in Professional Studies consisted of a Media Guide for a small non-profit organization, with notes appended so that any NPO of similar size and needs can readily adapt the Guide to their use. Click here for more information and to download the Guide and notes.

Click here for my current Amazon wishlist.

Professional Affiliations:

Miscellaneous Interests:





I am employed as a procedures and systems analyst by the State of New Jersey. Previously, I've worked as a systems analyst/programmer in the field of medical equipment billing software.

Click here for the obligatory photos page.

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